FarmVille Teal & Red Mystery Box – What’s Inside?

FarmVille Teal & Red Mystery Box – What’s Inside?

mysteryboxFarmVille have released a short FarmVille update, adding a new mystery box. This week the developers went for the Teal and Red colors to combine (which seem strangely familiar) and if you’re curious to see what’s inside the new FarmVille mystery box, read on!

– Lake, 150 XP
– 10 Fuel Refills, ? XP
– Bed and Breakfast, 450 XP
– Pinto Horse (new animal!), ? XP
– Acai Tree, 150 XP

As always, the FarmVille mystery box is only available for one week and costs 16 FV cash to purchase. Strangely, it looks like one of the least exciting mystery boxes ever released in FarmVille. Don’t you agree?

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I’ve just bought it and i gained a storage called ‘Deluxe Tool Shed’ . I can store 15 items in it .then 20 items and if i expanded it more , i would store 25 items ;)