cafe-world-grandmas-pieZynga decided to bring in some extra flavor to Cafe World by introducing the notion of Lost Recipes, something similar with the FarmVille lost animals. The first lost recipe introduced to Cafe World is Grandma’s Lost Apple Pie and you can find out all the details about it in this article!

As I said, Grandma’s Lost Apple Pie is similar to the lost animal/adoptable animal concept in FarmVille and other games. You can randomly find out Grandma’s Lost Apple Pie recipe while playing Cafe Wolrd and a pop up will let you know when that happens. You will then be allowed to post the finding on your wall and your friends will get some bonuses.

Therefore, if they (or you) see a wall post on Facebook regarding Grandma’s Lost Apple Pie, it is possible to click the “Give Love” button and experience the new addition.

First of, you will be allowed to either eat a slice from the pie (and get 50 Cafe Points) or eat the entire pie (and earn 500 coins). No matter which option you choose, you can then share Grandma’s Apple Pie with your friends, in a similar way to sending gifts on Cafe World.

If you receive or send Grandma’s Apple Pie, you should know that each gift comes with 8 servings earning you 100 coins each and making Grandma’s Lost Apple Pie a really profitable recipe.

And all in all it’s a nice addition to the game that will certainly help it gain even more users. What do you think about this?