addicted-to-farmvilleOK, I admit it – I’m addicted to FarmVille. I have friends who are addicted to FarmVille, I have family who are addicted to FarmVille and I even managed to make new friends because… can you guess it? RIGHT! We’re all addicted to FarmVille! Earlier today I’ve started to think about all the signs of addiction to Zynga’s game. So for all of you veggie-addicts out there, Unigamesity gives you the 25 signs you’re addicted to FarmVille!

1. You consider quitting your real job and get a real farm instead.
2. You know by hard the harvest times of most of the crops (can I hear strawberries?)
3. You fertilize your own mother every day.
4. …she does the same!
5. You wake up earlier than normal every morning just to harvest and replant before you go to work
6. You know there’s a real town called Farmville
7. You now plan to visit that town as soon as possble.
8. At least once you have lied that you have something “really important” to do just to harvest your crops.
9. You no longer care about your pet dog since there are none in FarmVille.
10. But you plan to buy seven cats instead.
11. Then brush them every three days to get some extra money
12. You use to spend a couple of hours to design your farm and once you’re finished, you let all your friends know about it.
13. The next day you completely redesign it because you realize it doesn’t look cool
14. You’re starting to have more pictures of your FarmVille farm than of your loved one.
15. Dang! You forgot you had a loved one!
16. You dream about your farm at night
17. You’ve got a document on your desktop with the names of the most active friends to send gifts to.
18. You have at least one neighbor to whom you don’t want to send gifts anymore because their farm is already too impressive.
19. You really believe that you can build a horse stable using horseshoes and harnesses.
20. You look outside every now and then to see if there’s a new lonely bull in your farm.
21. You find yourself admiring real life crops while driving.
22. You calculate how much XP and coins you’d gain if you’d harvest them.
23. Then you realize that your land filled with strawberries is really a lot better!
24. You smiled while reading this list and agreed with at least five of the signs.
25. You’re going to Digg, Tweet and share this article on Facebook with your friends – since most of your friends are FarmVille addicts, too!

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share the love, as I said at #25. What other signs would you add to this list?