consumables-farmvilleA new great addition has been made to FarmVille over the weekend: working in the game’s horse stables gives you the chance to earn consumables, a new type of items in FarmVille and certainly something to build on by Zynga. Read on to find out everything about the Consumables.

First things first – what are the FarmVille consumables? Random and valuable items we can get from the Horse Stables and make our lives a lot easier! Read on to find out what consumables can you earn from harvesting the FarmVille horse stables!

1. Arborists
This consumable will allow you to harvest all the trees that are ready to be harvested (100% grown) with just one click. It is highly valuable for those with tons of trees. Apart from winning the arborists consumable from working in the Horse Stable, you can purchase one for the market for 5 FV cash.

2. Farmhands
Similar to Arborists, this consumable lets you collect from all the animals on the farm that are at 100%. The consumable can be also purchased from the market for 5 FV cash each (under the Upgrade Farm tab). Please note that the farmhands only collect from regular animals, and not those in Dairy Farms, Stables or Chicken Coops.

3. 100 XP
You can also find 100XP points when harvesting the stables.

You can also share the consumables with your FarmVille neighbors and those who are fast enough will get a goodie of their own. So all in all, I think we can all agree that the introduction of the consumables is a highly welcomed one, making the game a lot more exciting!
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