Everything about Cafe World’s Spice Rack

Everything about Cafe World’s Spice Rack

cafe-world-spice-rack01The Spice Rack is finally live in Cafe World and I’m sure you’re really curious to find out all the details about this great new feature Zynga has been teasing us with for quite some time now. So read on this article to find out everything about the Spice Rack feature in Cafe World and get an answer for all your possible questions!

We’ll start with a basic question: what is the Spice Rack in Cafe World?
The Spice Rack is an item you have to build first before being able to use it in the game. Once built, it will be used to store your spices and improve your cooking!

How can you get the Spice Rack?
In order to complete it, you will need some items: 5 shelves, 5 small jars, 5 medium jars, 5 large jars and 15 jar lids. The only way to get the spice rack items is by asking them from your friends (or simply receiving them from your friends).

You also get some rewards for completing each of the “collections”: a decorative Spice Rack item to hang on your wall when completing the shelves; 1,000, 2,000 and 3,000 coins respectively for completing each jars collections and 5 free Cafe World cash for getting all the lids! Once done, you will see a message like the one below:


So… where do you find the Spice Rack once completed? You will have to click the “functional” button and then go to the windows category – there you’ll find the decorative Spice Rack waiting.

Does the Spice Rack grant you any bonuses? None that I know of yet, but it’s certainly a better food you’re making once you have it ready! And it’s also a challenge helping you communicate with your friends and work alongside them!


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Why can’t I send lids? I can only gift shelves and medium jars. Does everyone get the same stuff or do we have to “earn” the ability to gift all the shelf materials?

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I’m fnding a lot of folks that are frustrated because most people have limited options on what to send and despite trying to get stuff to our neighbors, even combined, we can’t get the materials and the game refuses to provide all options or even additional items each day to help us send out gifts. I can’t get the parts needed and if I try to receive some of them, I get already and have and have never even got any of the medium jars. Some must have a better network or got lucky the first day as that seems to be the last time it worked for everyone. A lot of people have it but even more don’t and it seems quite unfair. No one seems to be addressing this either.

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Lenee Kane

I cant get lids at all from anyone, i really hope they fix this.
noone can send lids. why put something on if you cant get the things you need?all my friends can only gift med jars and wood

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    connie Matt

    I can still send lids but cant find anyone who can send them to me

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Hiya I need medium Jars as well!!!

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There are several cheats out there available to get all of your spice rack components in just a couple of minutes instead of being at the mercy of your neighbors. Also, the spice rack isn’t actually doing anything yet, Cafe World has yet to release the spices OR how it is going to be implemented/work. There is a tab in the spice rack to click on that signs you up for “advanced” information about what is coming next, but I have yet to be able to get that tab to work.
I am presuming that spices will have to be gifted to you by neighbors to actually acquire them (also and quite probably, you will have the option to buy them with actual money). I am also assuming the reason it isn’t available yet is because they haven’t finished building the application yet.

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I can’t send lids or large jars. I have everything else.. How do we send & recieve them?

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    Instead of gifting them. Click on the link on your home page where they sent out the notice to everyone requesting help. That way all of the options are available.

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You have to be a certain level to send Large Jars and Lids, I am on level 49 and I can send Lids and Jars to my friends. Yet my friends who are on lower levels can only send shelves, medium jars, and small jars.

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It doesn’t matter what level. I have a neighbor on level 62 and she only can send shelves and small jars, the same as me and I’m on level 44.

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I collected all,but nothing happened.what can I do?

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You are not limited to whichever gifts the page allows you to send. You can actually send whatever type of gift you want using the following steps:

1. Go to “Free Gifts” tab
2. Select any gift to send (doesn’t matter which one) and click the “Proceed to Send” button
3. When the next screen comes up, the end of the URL in the address bar will say “gid=1234” (or some other number)
Change the number to one of the following:
1174 for a Spice Shelf
1175 for a Large Jar
1176 for a Medium Jar
1177 for a Small Jar
1178 for a Jar Lid
Then press ENTER to load the “new” page

You should now have a page with the gift you want to send. Select the people you want to send it to and ship it out.

There are similar numbers for all the other items you can send as gifts. I don’t have a list handy, but Google is your friend – the lists are posted out there.

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    Jessy Sanchez

    thanks so much.
    We really needed that.

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    Thank you for posting this. I have passed this on to many people as well and they are all very appreciative. Thanks again!

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    thanks that worked i can now send lids awesome!

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    Thanks for this. Do you have specific codes for specific spices such as the Sage Spoil spice??

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kerryn Cunningham

I want to send Lids and recive them as well but how do I do that I also want some medium jars can anyone help me. please

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Kristyn Rojas

What the hell!!! I completed my spice rack long time ago and still I do not have my spice rack!!! Now there about to unleash the new spices for the cafe world game and im upset… Where will my spice rack be and where can I find it because its not in my inventory like thay said it would be!!! By the way if you collect all the lids, you get cafe world dollars….

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Thank you JMS it really works, just change the number at the end of the page and you made it. For all of you that have problem receiving gift I had created another account only for send myself gift.

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Thanks so much for putting that list up!!!!.. I was this close to losing it because my mother and I ((yes we’re friends on fb with cafeworld lol)) were constantly wondering when we can gift lids. Thanks!! ^.^

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hey, i got the pieces but i need someone to open it. I cant because I accidently exited the window that gives out the notice saying to get someone to open it. How do i get it back?

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I need a link for small jars in cafe world

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i tryed to change the last 4 numbers to send lids and it didnt work!!! !!!

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So far the only way I have accuired lids is to purchase them w/ Cafe Bucks. I do not PAY real money to play this game so the money I have accuired has been from playing and from the lotto…I am frustrated because I still do not have all the lids I need. Ugh

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I would appreciate any help or info plzzzzzz!

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Oh and in regards to Levels, I am almost at Level 70 and I CANNOT send lids….i am not given the option…grrrr

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works. thx.

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you can use the spice rack when you have completed it and you have to click on the cooking dish and it will say add spices it must help and i cant seem to get lids can someone help me out here

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    Thanks so much for this trick…

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I only need 1 more large jar…..can anyone help? I will send something back.



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Well the spice rack sucks. Don’t even worry about wasting your time trying to get it unless you want to spend real money buying the spices.

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hey can anyone tell me how to send this link so that others can send us gift like Allison has given the link. In return I will give any gift to u

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Hey, the number changing thing from JMS WORKS
you just have to read it carefully.
Good luck :D

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The spice rack does not suck. You do NOT have to pay real money for 10% and 5% additional servings per dish being cooked, they can be bought with gold coins. I used 10% additional servings spice to get 70,000 servings off of one dish being served on my oven.

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jms thing worked for me also=]

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How do I get lids

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Got the spice rack…better late than never. Since all the spice rack components had 4 digit codes, as JMS showed us, and all other gift items seem to have either 3 or 4 digit codes, has anyone found the codes for the spices themselves?

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I spiced neighbors dishes and got 2 lids doing so..try that

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hello there, just completed my spice rack but my problem is i can’t see any spice crate. I ask a friend if she saw any on my cafe, however she told me there no crate to click in… can you help me please!

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    Bregie, did u ever get this resolved? Same thing is happening to me…

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to finish of my spice rack i need a medium jar. yet you can’t send them so i need to buy it. but have no cafe cash. how do i get cafe cash ? x

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Can I use the spices twice on the same dish? Lie a 6 hour spice twice to get a 12 hour dish ready in time?