New FarmVille Animals: Baby Tiger, Giant Panda

New FarmVille Animals: Baby Tiger, Giant Panda

FarmVille not only celebrates Valentines Day, but also the Chinese Lunar Year and therefore Zynga has released a couple of new and really cool animals in FarmVille: the Baby Tiger and the Giant Panda! Read on to find out all the great details about these two new FarmVille animals!

The Baby Tiger:

farmville baby tiger

You can purchase this little beauty for 22 FV cash and harvest it in 2 days. For now, I don’t know what you can harvest from it, but it certainly is a really cool animal to own!

The Giant Panda:

farmville giant panda

Another really cute animal, FarmVille’s giant panda can be purchased for 25 FV cash and it is also harvestable in 2 days.

These two new FarmVille animals certainly look cool, but are a bit overpriced I think. Actually, I’ve noticed that lately Zynga seems to release rather expensive items for us… don’t you think?