mafia-wars-bangkok-ep1Zynga has recently released to the public a new Mafia Wars city: Bangkok. After months of beta and several days of testing, I think I can offer you a complete Mafia Wars Bangkok guide, detailing all the goodies and changes, including tips and tricks for a great mobster performance in the Asian city. So if you’re a Mafia Wars player and you’re interested in the latest chapter, Bangkok – read on!

Mafia Wars Bangkok is the fourth (and definitely not last) Mafia Wars episode and it adds factions into play, forcing the player ally with either the Yakuza or the Triad. “For decades, the Japanese Yakuza and Chinese Triads have battled for control over the lucrative criminal markets of Thailand. You can choose who you wish to ally with as you progress through Bangkok’s gritty underworld, unlocking progressively stronger weaponry with your chosen faction but gaining increasing hatred from the opposition” – that’s what the teaser said and we were all excited!

How can a player access the Bangkok episode? First of all, you have to be at least level 13, then you need to collect a few items to be granted access to Bangkok: first you’ll have to collect the Triad Coin, Yakuza Sake and Thai note to get a shot at getting a Thai Passport. For a complete guide of getting the Mafia Wars Bangkok Passport, check out Social Games Help.

Once in Bangkok, you will start completing jobs. There are five episodes of jobs in Bangkok, each with four tiers of mastery. Here are the episodes:

Episode 1: Brawler (Job mastery awards Tiger Sak Yant, Boss Fight is Boss Suchart)
Episode 2: Criminal (Job mastery awards Royal Thai Police Tank, Boss fight is Discredit Police Commissioner Chatri)
Episode 3: Pirate (Job mastery awards Harpoon Cannon, Boss Fight is Send Captain Mok Overboard)
Episode 4: Commandant (Job mastery awards Armored War Elephant, Boss fight is Kill Commander Chang)
Episode 5A: Oyabun (Triad Trusted Status)
Episode 5B: Dragon Head (Yakuza Trusted Status)

One of the most important differences in Mafia Wars’ Bangkok is the possibility to become an ally with either the Triad or the Yakuza. You do so by earning Reputation, which is awarded for performing specific jobs or defeating mobsters who are allied with either of the factions. Your goal should be to get a level of reputation high enough with both factions in order to have access to each faction’s store where you will be able to purchase special items! So it really doesn’t matter who you team up with – the Yakuza or the Triad, each have their own pros and cons, and with some smart play you can get items from both!

Also, this influences how Business are run: you can own 4 faction non-specific businesses and 2 faction specific businesses (depending on the ally status with the Triads or Yakuza). Instead of buying multiple businesses (as in New York), you can only purchase each business once and it will then generate crates every three hours – crates that will be stored in your warehouse, waiting for you to log in and sell them.

What is your general opinion on Mafia Wars’ Bangkok?