The Witcher Might Get Console Release

The Witcher Might Get Console Release

This is not the first time we hear about the possibility of seeing CD Projekt’s hit RPG The Witcher on PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles, and we’ll probably keep hearing this rumor until it gets official, the game gets released and everybody will be happy. But, until then, we have the hints from the developers. And they’re pretty obvious, I’d dare to say.

So, according to a video posted on website Gametrailers, The Witcher game designer Jakob Stilinsky said that an upcoming console version will benefit from a combat system that is more engaging and dynamic, while the enemies’ AI will be improved, as well as the number of polygons used to render characters.

“There are hundreds of new mocap animations in the console version. We also wanted movement of the character, the main hero and the enemies, to be more realistic and fluent, so we are mocapping a lot of new movements,” he also explained.

However, the video we’re talking about is a fan-posted one and, even though it seems genuine with Atari’s logo and Stilinsky’s presence, there is still no official confirmation from CD Projekt. So, until the company decides to confirm or infirm the rumor, The Witcher is still a PC exclusive that recently received a cool Enhanced Edition.