I don’t think it’s a huge surprise to hear that people would rather have some fun while exercising, instead of just sweating and thinking about their health – the successful Wii Fit is the ultimate proof. However, it’s not just the Wii Fit which makes exercising more enjoyable – as long as gaming is involved, anything will do. At least that’s what kids seem to believe.

Following a study at the University of Cumbria, researchers found out that 90% of the youngsters prefer to play video games while exercising to reduce the boredom. And it was no Wii Fit around: the kids were simply asked to use exercise equipment combined with video games: as long as they kept going, the game continued as well. Had they stopped, the game stopped also.

Clinical director Dr David Haslam said: “Physical inactivity in children is a major cause of the obesity epidemic, and Gamercize provides an innovative solution, reducing sedentary behaviour, whilst maintaining enjoyment, making it a popular and appealing remedy. This study begins to show that by providing more novel opportunities, it is possible to increase a child’s activity in a painless and effective way.”

So here you are! Another problem solved!


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