I wonder if fanboyism goes that far so a person would refuse to play their favorite game on their favorite console because of the controller… Hopefully that’s not the case, since lots of people would miss the main entertainment especially now after Ben Heck created a very cool PS360 controller!

Obviously resulted from the mix of Sony and Microsoft’s console controllers, this new little jewel not only looks incredibly cool, but it is also using the PS3 rumble motors and works just fine! According to the creator, the only problem he encountered was related to the Xbox 360 analog triggers (described as “a pain as always”) but eventually he did it and the result, the PS360 controller is impressive.

So, following what I said in the intro, if you can put silly fanboyism aside and agree with using a very cool controller, Ben Heck could even create one for you. “If you’ve got the cash, I can usually be persuaded to build them,” he says on the official website. So pay it a visit to check all the pictures and decide if the PS360 controller is worth spending your money on or not.