Another week is almost ended and we need to do a short recap to make sure you are up to date with the most important stories of the week. It’s been pretty silent, I must admit – probably all the companies are getting ready for the madness that’s going to come in the following couple of weeks, the ones before Christmas. But time will tell if that’s the case or not – now let’s see the fourth Unigamesity Round-up!

Most of the stories this week were connected to Grand Theft Auto IV. With the PC hitting the retail stores next week, it’s not such a big surprise. However, the fact that GTA IV comes with SecuROM protection was a big surprise for us and something that will clearly upset people. But we’ll think about the Video Editor GTA IV for PC comes packed with and we’ll forgive them. Even Xbox 360 owners will forgive Rockstar for the lack of a video editor in their version of the game, since The Lost and the Damned DLC has been announced and we even brought you some images.

SecuROM aside, there was another problem we’ve noticed in the games world this week: the Wii version of Tomb Raider Underworld has a glitch and the game can’t be finished. Eidos were not able to do much in order to solve the issue, instead they issued apologies for the bug and offered some save game files to keep gamers happy.

Bethesda is also up to offering goodies for their latest success – Fallout 3. The company announced that PC owners of the game will receive, for free, a free Fallout 3 Creation Kit which will basically allow them to create a Fallout game exactly as they see fit. Also, no less than three future DLC packs were announced for the Xbox 360 and PC versions, and we were really happy to hear that.

And we definitely were not the only ones happy: Microsoft have announced that Xbox 360 has sold more than the original Xbox and they must be delighted with that!

These were the most important news of the week. Now, if you need time for some relaxation and you are alone for some reason, you definitely have to check our hot feature about the Best Five Visual Novels Ever! Happy playing!