If Sony has created some heat with their announcement of 14 million PSN accounts, Microsoft just couldn’t stay in the shadows and decided to brag a little with their much bigger user base. According to Microsoft, there are more than 25 million Xbox 360 consoles sold until now, which means that sales of the original Xbox have been surpassed.

Speaking to MCV, Microsoft’s VP of interactive entertainment business for EMEA Chris Lewis said: “We’ve already surpassed the installed base of the original Xbox – which is a really significant milestone. We’ve been blown away by the appetite of people to consumer digital entertainment experiences.”

Initially, Microsoft estimated that the milestone will be reached by the end of November, but it seems that the solid gamebase and lowered prices did the trick and helped Microsoft a lot. And the company only sees greater things ahead:

“It’s a great milestone for us, but it’s still only a start, when you consider that history shows that more than three-fourths of a console’s sales come at a price of $199 or lower,” said VP and CFO Mindy Mount. And that price point was reached just one month ago…

It remains to be seen if the Xbox 360 will record high sales from now on – there should be no real reasons for them not to, right?