We have no idea if this was in the pipeline or it’s just a hurried decision because of the economic recession, but one thing is clear: Sony has just announced through its official PlayStation blog that it is launching a new PlayStation credit card in the US. Even more, due to a special offer, you can purchase a PS3 console and pay $150 less. Cool!

However, with this cheap PlayStation 3 purchase announced by Sony, there is a catch: you must activate that PlayStation credit card in order to access the special offer. And I can’t go on now and say if this is a good deal or not, since all the details are not very clear at the moment, but from what it seems, it’s just a cheaper PS3. A lot cheaper, to be honest.

This special offer only lasts until December 31, so you should do the maths and decide if it’s worth getting a PlayStation credit card ASAP. While doing so, take into account the fact that using the card will earn you reward points to spend on PlayStation and Sony products. A great deal or not?