You’d better take good care of your little dog pet in Fable II because you must have it prepared for some new adventures, since Lionhead announced the first DLC pack for the game, Knothole Island. The downloadable content will arrive on the Marketplace next month, on December 12.

Priced at 800 MS Points, the Knothole Island pack will, as the name subtly suggest, give players a new slice of Albion to explore – an island! An island that was once like a little heaven, with golden sands and lush vegetation but now is covered in snow. As you can imagine, your quest will be to bring back the sunshine to these lands and I’m sure you and your dog will love that.

All in all, the Knothole Island DLC brings new quests, items, and bizarre characters as well as a free co-op pack for those who prefer going through the new adventure with another person. Also, you should expect to receive lots of new gifts like knight’s boots, assassin’s gloves, a special weight loss potion or a collectable silver book. So I guess we can call this first Fable II downloadable pack quite a promise.