Even though PC owners won’t get the Lost and the Damned DLC when GTA IV is launched for Windows, they still have a few motives of joy, and one of them is the GTA IV PC Video Editor, a very cool new feature introduced by Rockstar. Below we’ll try to present how to use it and become a true Grand Theft Auto movie director!

So, if you didn’t know already, this video editor will allow you to create videos using in-game content and share them on the Rockstar Social Club website. The program comes with some very complex and well built edit functions, allowing you to virtually create a true action movie using just GTA IV footage! It will consume some time, but it will be a true work of art.

But no matter if you want to create true art or just a fun movie to share with your friends, the PC Video Editor will allow you to! You only have to press the F2 button on your keyboard and the last 40 seconds of gameplay will be automatically recorded onto your hard disk. All your videos will be stored into your cell phone (the in-game one), and there you’ll be allowed to change the camera angle, audio and speed of the action. There are also a few professional options like adding filters or changing the colors, adding titles and transitions and more.

But you are not limited to 40 second videos! You can merge videos as you wish to create compilations of memorable moments or the next blockbuster on YouTube (or, why not – even more?). So, if you enjoyed creating movies with Lionsgate’s The Movies masterpiece, or if you’re a fan of the Grand Theft Auto franchise, you will certainly love this PC Video Editor option, exclusive for the PC version of the game and you’ll create tons of quality content. I, for one, can’t wait to test it!