Slot machine developers have always drawn from the vast pool of inspiration that is hit movies, with anything from favorite franchises like Star Wars to incredibly odd variations of a classic British comedy like Monthy Python’s Spamalot being turned into a slot machine, all with the hopes of providing gamers with attractive visuals and symbolism that’ll keep the movie geek within happy while playing.

And with the advances of mobile gaming movie themes in slots became even more common as game developers opened their doors to mobile gaming when they started building mobile platforms and casino apps for Samsung Galaxy Devices and other flagship phones that just came to life on portable screens. However, as much as it’s great to have an Avengers or Jurassic Park slot, there’s still a wide gap to be filled when it comes to creating the perfect combination of a great movie and exciting slot game.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at a number of movies which would make one hell of a slot game:

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Dr. No

For a movie franchise that brought a swarm of movie fans to casino halls in search of the same suave Bond experience filled with high-stakes, impeccably stylish clothing and an easygoing charm that only Connery can reflect, it’s strange to see that there aren’t any James Bond Slots around.

But if they had to choose one, it should be Dr. No – the movie that launched a whole new culture that saw the martinis, Aston Martins, suits and gambling as something that defines a real classy gent, and set the standard which any Bond actor would try to achieve. The movie’s symbolism is just ripe for the taking, with Connery’s cool cigarette-smoking face, Ursula Anders’ bikini-clad figure, the guns, the car, the baccarat cards, and one of the most iconic villains in the franchise. Classic!

Sin City

Aren’t slot games all about creating a great atmosphere full of themed music and graphics that’ll let you drift away for a moment from the reality of sitting at your sofa and fully immerse you into its mood? Well, can you think of a better example of visual splendor than Frank Miller’s vision-come-to-life Sin City?

Sin City’s dark and gritty world, tough characters, and impressive color processing would just really fit excellently in 5-reels, with the movie’s background music adding perfectly to the illusion that you are in Miller’s domain and not behind the screen hitting the spin button every 15 seconds. Just try to imagine it and you’ll see it makes sense.

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Ok, yeah, Drive is another neo-noir film on this list, but the genre is really ideal as a backdrop to a slot machine. In case you haven’t seen it yet, Drive is a thriller that has a unique noir vibe that’s spiced up with some 80s style clothing and cars as well as intense visual story-telling that many of the films from the past decades never even came close to matching in terms of quality.

That’s why the film would be a great idea for a slot theme, as it will revive the whole themed-slot domain just as much as it revived the film world when it first came out. Just thinking about the neon LA-noir theme justifies choosing this movie as a great theme, but when you add the possibility of car chase bonus levels and dark murder scenes, the result is one classic game.


Christopher Nolan’s space epic would make a perfect setting for any game, from space-racing time-warping driving games to FPS shooters where the final goal would be to save mankind from extinction. Slot games are no different either, as they need the same stunning visuals and monumental soundtrack that complement this movie so well. A slot game where the reels would be full of space ships, black holes, and eye-catching constellations, and the main bonus level would be set in the black hole tesseract where you would have to win prizes by manipulating the bookshelves would be the stuff of one of the best slot themes for years to come.

Mad Max: Fury Road

Was there a movie so devoid of a good plot and thought-provoking dialogues that was just so exciting to watch? Mad Max: Fury Road was all about fast-paced action, stunning scenery and (2) hours of seat-gripping excitement – basically, everything a slot game should be. Slots are made with one purpose only: to offer any gamer an invigorating experience of playing a quality game accompanied by the underlying notion that at the end of that ride you might just leave with a life-changing jackpot that’ll never make you forget about the experience. Well, Mad Fax: Fury Road gave all that (minus the money) to anyone attending a screening, and if there is one movie to complement the thrill of the risk in a slot game then it should be George Miller’s majestic gift to the cinema world.

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