Following the reports about the upcoming GTA IV DLC to be released in February, Rockstar have officially confirmed the news and released the first four images from the first DLC pack, The Lost and the Damned. Along with the four cool screenshots, they also released a few extra details, but still not enough for the hungry gamers.

So, we do know now that the first Grand Theft Auto content pack will bring into the spotlight a new character, Johnny Klebitz a biker with The Lost club. He will be accompanied by new vehicles, weapons, multiplayer modes, and music, as well as “new missions that offer an entirely fresh way to explore Liberty City.”

As I said, we still don’t have too many solid details, but it’s pretty natural for this to happen. It’s still a long time until the DLC is released and if we know too much now, we might lose interest later. So let’s wait for February 17 to get closer and we’ll surely hear new details about the DLC. Until then, enjoy the first four screens released by Rockstar for the upcoming GTA IV: The Lost and the Damned!