Personally, I was expecting Ubisoft’s sequel to the highly successful Far Cry to be much more popular than it is (or was), but it seems I was really wrong. However, this does not mean that the shooter is not a quality title or one the developers have already forgot. On the contrary, Ubisoft has announced that by the end of the year we’ll receive The Fortune’s Pack, some exciting dowloadable content for Far Cry 2.

The upcoming DLC will add to both the single and multi player experience, offering us what we prefer the most: more means of destruction. This means that, in single player we’ll receive two new vehicles (Unimog and Quad) and three new weapons (silenced shotgun, sawed-off shotgun and crossbow), which means lots of enemies splattered all over the place!

Also, there will be additions to the multiplayer element of Far Cry 2 too: four new maps (Cheap Labor, Last Resort, Lake Smear and Fort Fury). Also, all the new weapons and vehicles will be available in multiplayer as well.

Although no pricing information has been given, nor an exact release date, we do know that the DLC will only be available for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 owners of the game.