frozen-synapseIndie developers Mode 7 Games are preparing to amaze the fans of the tactical strategy genre with what seems to be a really cool little game: Frozen Synapse, a top-down strategy/tactical game set sometime in the near future. The game is still in development, but it will be released by the end of the year, so you might wish to check back on Unigamesity for more details.

Described as a “top-down simultaneous-turn-based tactical game” (and really making me wonder what that “simultaneous” stands for), Frozen Synapse moves away from the classic, slow strategy gameplay (as the trend is nowadays) and opts for some quick, intense battles instead. According to Mode 7 Games, the “emphasis is on tactical competence rather than memorising unit trees or hoarding resources,” and that indeed seems like a good point. Hopefully the results will be as great.

And I see no reasons why it shouldn’t! Amongst other features of Frozen Synapse, we have both single player and multiplayer modes, a full campaign which should be quite interesting, and a type of gameplay in which every turn counts since the power can shift from one player to another if they make the best tactical decisions. Add to that fully destructible terrain and online leaderboards and you have some serious reasons to keep your eyes on this promising indie title from Mode 7 Games.

For more details remember to check back Unigamesity in the future and also visit Frozen Synapse’s official website!