terrordrome-screenIf you feel like downloading a fighting game – completely free of charge – and playing it for free, then you might consider Terrordrome, an indie fighting game with a nice approach to the genre, even though I am still not 100% sure how legit is the game. But since it’s up for download, we’ll consider it safe!

The main attraction of Terrordrome is that each of the seven fighters players can choose for a deathmatch are true horror movie stars like Chucky (the scary doll), Ghostface, Jason Voorhees and many more. The only problem is that the characters are not licensed so there might be some copyright problems involved, even though we’re talking about a free to use product that isn’t generating any income to the developer… Either way, if you feel like giving Terrordrome a try, you should follow the link and download the game for free. Also, you can check out a pretty cool Terrordrome video after the commercial break: