legend-of-zelda3dClassics always get a special treatment from the community: for example Legend of Zelda, the original game, that has been transformed into a first person, 3D game, presenting the battles in the Dungeon through the eyes of Link. Would you like to give it a try? Follow the link below to the mod’s page and enjoy.

The download is completely free of charge (and so in the first person Legend of Zelda 3D gameplay) and you can get it from the maker’s Google page. The creator, Radix, says about his awesome project of revival and re-creation:

“In this demo you can wander around half the first dungeons and stab things. Some effects aren’t implemented yet. Eventually I wanna remake the overworld and at least another dungeon or two if not the whole game.”

The Legend of Zelda in first person and 3D is, unfortunately, on hold at the moment but we all hope that it will become a reality, in the end, and Radix will make our dream come true: a full first person p.o.v. experience of the original Legend of Zelda!

Update: It appears that the download link isn’t working at the moment, hopefully the problem will be solved soon and you’ll be able to download the game.

Update 1: Here is an alternative download source.