nighttorememberIt’s Friday and you probably wish to play a nice game for free, but you have no idea what to choose. If that’s the case, I am suggesting you A Night to Remember, a really awesome point and click adventure game by Ethan Damschroder. You can download the little game and play it 100% free, so waste no time and do so from the BigBlueCup website.

Here’s the official description of the game, since it clearly sums up A Night to Remember better than I would do:

“Nathan Carter, a con man is on a routine job. He is attempting to blackmail a CEO and this is his last job before he retires. Victor Sammuels, his mark is hosting a dinner party tonight and Nathan sees this as an opportunity to search his house. However much more is going on than Nathan or even Victor has any idea about. Soon he will have to rely on your intelligence to guide him through the mansion and hopefully see him through the night.”

A classic, nice point and click adventure that has a great bonus: it’s completely free to download and free to play. The puzzles are very smart and the game can get quite challenging in some areas. However, it is still of a high quality for a free to download game. Enjoy and remember to check back here more often for even more goodies like A Night to Remember.