wallace-and-gromitTelltale have announced the release of the last episode in the Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventures episodic adventure series. The game will be released today (as in July 29) and proves that, even though Telltale now has a bigger fish in their basket (the Tales of Monkey Island), they still haven’t forgotten about Wallace and Gromit.

This last episode in the series will be titled The Bogey Man and, according to the official description, it will take the unsuspecting and rather happy Wallace to the Prickly Thicket country club, where he is the latest member. What seemed like a chance to play a few relaxing rounds of golf soon turns into something much more sinister, as Wallace and Gromit unwittingly wind up in the middle of an ancient dispute threatening to tear the town apart!

The Bogey Man, the latest episode of the Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventures is going to set you back $8.95, but you can also get the entire collection of four titles for $34.95 (not that you get any discount or something, but at least you know you have the entire series!).

For more about Wallace & Gromit it The Bogey Man, as well as purchase options, head over to the official Telltale website!