boom-go-goFancy playing a high quality shmup for FREE? Then you’re in the right place sine I have the link for the free download of Boom!Go!Go! a really high quality indie-made shmup created by Rostiger – his first game, actually! I wish I could create such nice titles!

The nice bit of original concept behind Boom!Go!Go! is the fact that behind your ship there is a “wall of death”, a huge blast advancing towards your ship and therefore making the play area smaller and smaller and, of course, rising the overall difficulty level of the scrolling shooter. In other words, when you get hit you don’t lose life or energy in the classic way: instead, the wall of death gets closer to you and soon it will be too much too handle. Up for the challenge? You should, since it’s fun, even though extremely short!

The game author’s description fo Boom!Go!Go is simple: “You play a fearless pilot, who planted a bomb in the star base of the enemy. As you’re on your way out of the base, the bomb goes off. Can you reach the exit and escape the infernal blaze?” Who needs more?

Now simply follow this link and download for free Boom!Go!Go! and if you enjoyed the game, remember to say thanks to Rostiger on the official TIGsource boards.