super-laser-racerNew Star Games, the studio behind some great indie titles like New Star Soccer or New Star GP, has announced the upcoming release of another promising project, Super Laser Racer, an impressive top down arcade racer game that will certainly make classic game nostalgics remember the good old days.

With minimalistic graphics but apparently an intense gameplay, Super Laser Racer is inspired by two great titles: Geometry Wars and WipeOut and the result, as you can see in the screenshot that follows this article (as well as the gameplay video below) is impressive.

Super Laser Racer features 12 tracks, 12 unlockable racers and two game modes (Eliminator and Survivor, which are pretty self-explanatory). Add to that 4 tournaments, online leaderboards and a full track editor and you’ll have quite some reasons to love this game.

Super Laser Racer is set to be released on July 24 and it will cost only $9.99, but you can already head over to the New Star Games official website and grab a demo copy of your game to test for yourself.

Until then, you can take a look at the gampeplay trailer below and remember to check back soon for a full review of this great indie racing title!