Time management games are rarely present on Facebook, but G5 Entertainment decided to change this with Supermarket Mania, a time management game that certainly tests your skills as a salesperson.

In Supermarket Mania (available on iPhone, iPad, PSP and PC) players assist Nikki in running five different stores in her hometown. Across fifty challenging levels, you’ll stock more than a dozen different products to appease demanding customer needs. Aside from day to day operations, Nikki will also have to compete with a ruthless corporation intent on destroying her business. Can you beat the competition and keep Nikki’s businesses running smoothly?

You will have a tough time because there is no tutorial whatsoever and you’ll have to try things out in order to see where to restock and learn what to do… but once you’ll get the hang of it you’ll certainly wish to prove yourself that you can last longer.

So if you’re curious, you can try Supermarket Mania on Facebook for FREE here.