You can now prove the entire world (and especially to yourself) that you are a real treasure hunter, by mastering the treasures in Treasure Isle. The new feature has just been introduced in the game and it comes with further changes made to the Treasure system.

Therefore, starting today, as you can see in the image in the upper left corner, there are seven types of treasures: Tiki, Mayan, Pirate, Volcano, Monkey, Asia, and Special. However, the biggest change you can notice is the introduction of the Mastery levels in the game.

How to increase the Treasure Mastery in Treasure Isle?
Every time you trade in a collection, the treasure mastery level increases by 1. So in order to reach the maximum mastery level, you must trade in the collections 4 times.

What rewards are there for the Treasure Mastery levels?
Strangely, at the moment there are no rewards for getting a new mastery level for your collections, but I am sure that in the near future things will change, otherwise this would be a kind of pointless change…