The fifth and last part of the Varmint Cannon Goals requires you to blast away a Fox from your Frontierville homestead. For this goal you need to feed ten Geese, fire the Fox Cannon once, and request ten pieces of Scrap Metal from Friends.

You can buy a Fox Cannon from the Foundry. Just click on the building and select the Build Cannon button. Feeding ten Geese might make a Fox to appear. This gives you the chance to use the Fox Cannon. You also need a Powder Keg to use the Fox Cannon.

To get Scrap Metal pieces, you need to request them from your Frontierville friends. Click on the Ask for Help button to post a request on your Wall.

Once you’ve completed A Frontierville Fox Hunt, you’ll receive 100 XP and Decorative Cannonballs. You can also share some Poultry Puddings to your Frontierville neighbors.

If you didn’t get a Fox after feeding ten Geese, get the Daily Bonus from your Poultry Coop for a sure Fox appearance. Well, that is if you have lots of Chickens in your homestead.