A new theme is introduced in Frontierville today. New decorations are added with some available for a limited time only. Fire Up the Grill is the new theme that brings new outdoor cooking items in the Market.

The Limited Edition items are available for a week. As of this posting, you still have six days to buy these items, which are:

  • Picnic Table (5,000 Coins 50 Wood)
  • Tasty Pig Table (15 Horseshoe)
  • Drinks Tub (40 Horseshoe)
  • Burger Grill (8,000 Coins)
  • Messy Table (35 Horseshoe)
  • Steak Grill (12 Horseshoe)
  • Pot o’ Veggies (18 Horseshoe)
  • Chuck Wagon (45 Horseshoe)

The other new items in the Frontierville Market include:

  • Lawn Recliner (2,000 Coins 20 Wood)
  • Melon Table (25 Horseshoe)
  • Charcoal (4 Horseshoe)
  • Dutch Oven (6,000 Coins)
  • BBQ Grill (2,000 Coins)
  • Smoker (40,000 Coins)

The new BBQ items can turn a space in your homestead into a virtual picnic ground, complete with picnic tables, drinks, and grills. It’s like a tailgate party in Frontierville. Just in time for the end of summer and to welcome in the start of fall.

What items did you purchase from the Fire Up the Grill theme?