A new catering event has started in Cafe world: Amelia’s Birthday, and you have been chosen for the catering job. If you manage to complete the order in time (with a three star rating), you will unlock the exclusive Birthday Cupcakes Recipe plus an exciting new order!

What do you need to do in order to complete Amelia’s Birthday Catering Order?

– Serve Triple Berry Cheesecake 23 times
– Serve Clubhouse Sandwich 7 times
– Serve Bacon Cheeseburger 90 times

Here are the rewards you can get for completing the Amelia’s Birthday Catering Business:

1 star – finish at any time – 216 CAfe points and 3240 Cafe Coins
2 stars – finish in 7 days – 360 Cafe Points, 5400 Cafe Coins and next order unlock
3 stars – finish in 2 days – 504 Cafe Points, 7460 Cafe Coins, Birthday Cake Recipe and Next Order Unlock

Unfortunately, it appears that you really must cook the recipes yourself – I had some Clubhouse Sandwich in my gift box and when I served it, it didn’t count. So you might wish to plan well ahead and even use the different spices in order to finish the new mission in time!