sudden-attack-screenSome developers are not wasting any time, and the same can be said about the Koreans at GameHi who announced a new free to play MMOFPS, Sudden Attack. The game is also entering Open Beta soon and it’s expected to hit the stores pretty soon. Yes, things are starting to move lightning fast in the industry!

Currently, Sudden Attack is in Closed Beta (until the end of the month), but you can sign for the open beta via the game’s official website. And you shouldn’t worry about the pace of the game’s development! According to GameHi, Sudden Attack was already launched in Korea in 2006 and it became the most played MMO first person shooter in the country.

However, except for these general details and the fact that, anyway, Sudden Attack will be just your regular FPS game that looks like a Counter Strike clone, we have nothing. No release date, no details regarding the “unique” water battle mode (whatever that is), nothing. So I guess we’ll have to wait for some extra details or simply sign up for the beta.