wow-tauren-druids-bear-formsDruid players should be very happy to hear that Blizzard have finally decided to listen to their complaints and decided to add a few more forms with the upcoming patch. As a results of the introduction of these new Druid skins in World of Warcraft, druids will no longer look just like other fellow characters when in forms.

The new forms will be applicable to the cat and bear forms and they will all be revealed at the Druid Forms page on the official website. At the moment of writing we already have the Tauren druid bear forms and they look impressive, as expected.

According to the official explanation, there will be five different designs for each of the cat and bear forms. For example, “night elves can choose to change their cat and bear look at any time by visiting the barber shop and changing their character’s hair color, while tauren will be able to change which look they use by switching skin tones in the barber shop – a new feature for tauren in the next major content patch.”

Really good news for the druids in WoW, right?