gods-war-onlineYou will now have one extra way of learning that getting stoned is not necessarily the best thing you could do: Medusa’s Island, the new instance in GodsWar Online, is certainly the place where you’ll learn that. The hard way, of course.

The first Instanced dungeon of the MMO, Medusa’s Island is obviously the home of the mythological creature that likes to wear snakes instead of a wig and tends to turn all brave warriors into stone, in an instant. Of course, the hideous creature can be defeated and that will actually be your job now. One you’ll certainly enjoy.

In order to do so and join the legendary Perseus, you will need four more players to team up with (level 90 of higher) and try your luck (or skill, whatever you prefer). If you manage to survive the 40 minutes-long instance and win, you will be awarded with 1200 credits. Even if you lose, you will still earn 400 credits, so Medusa’s Island is obviously the perfect place for high level characters!