sherlck-holmes-room-escape123Bee just released Sherlock Holmes Museum Escape, a pretty nice and simple Escape the room game which, just like any other game, can still cause you some problems. So if you want to beat Sherlock Holmes Museum Escape, you should use this walkthrough I made to help you with step by step information. This way, you will enjoy the free flash game accordingly. Read on the step by step Sherlock Holmes Museum Escape walkthrough below:

1. Click on the general’s statue to the right and pick up the star.
2. Click on the rifle on the wall, click on it again to open then click on the right bullet.
3. Click on the miniature boat and click on the long stick to the right of the screen to pick a needle.
4. Click on the drawer and click on the door to the left. You have to break the code: each number stands for a letter. In my case, the number combination was 4, 15, 23, 5, 12, 12 which stands for Dowell. Simply click on each letter until the word is there and pick up the diamond.
5. Go back and click at the right of the screen to take a look at the other side of the room. Click on the clock in front of the mirror and pick up the lighter.
6. Click on the bookshelf, then click on the green book twice.
7. Click on the book in the inventory. Click its cover three times and pick up the pistol
8. Click on the lower part of the book shelf and pick up wood and gas tank.
9. Click on the top of the fireplace and drag and drop the stick on the gong. Click on the red diamond.
10. Click on the pistol and drag and drop the bullet in.
11. Click on the large wooden box and drag and drop the pistol on the lock. Click on the box and pick up the two tools.
12. Click on the table and pick up the lens.
13. Click on the big clock on the wall and use the knife with it. Use the other tool with the orange stone in the 10.
14. Go back to the other part of the room and click on the statue on the table. Use the tool with the statue’s eye and pick up the Blue Stone
15. Click the blue stone and use the lens on it. Memorize the numbers (they will disappear otherwise: 14979) and insert them in the right drawer below and pick up the stone.
16. Go back to the other side of the room and click on the wall at the bottom right corner (near the tool box). Click on the switch.
17. Click on the fireplace and use the wood with the base of it. Use the oil with the wood then the lighter. Soon a box will drop over the fire. Use the star on the box and pick up the stone inside.
18. Go to the other part of the screen and click on the thing near the door. Click on the lamp and pick up the red stone.
19. Go to the other side of the room and click on the lower part of the statue of Sherlock Holmes. Place all the stones accordingly and pick up the key.
20. Go to the other side of the room and click on the coffin. Right before it meets the shelf is a place you have to click on to reveal a key hole. Use key with it and you’re done! Fabulous Escape!

This was my Sherlock Holmes Museum Escape walkthrough, a guide for the great room escape game from 123bee.