bo-wtToday’s free flash game of the day was Barbarian Onslaught: The Secret of Steel and I decided to create a short but hopefully comprehensive “how to” tips and tricks collection to help you with the adventure in the virtual flash world of Barbarian Onslaught: The Secret of Steel. Here you will get some general tips and tricks, as well as details on how to defeat the Dam Keeper or the Zoggot (the thing in the swamp).

General Barbarian Onslaught: The Secret of Steel tips:

1. Try not to get double-teamed. Whenever enemies come from both the left and the right, jump to a side and attack them all.
2. Archers should be your priority – run towards them and kill them first.
3. Destroy all wooden boxes along the way for extra health.

Barbarian Onslaught: The Secret of Steel boss fighting tips:

1. The Dam Keeper: this is an easy boss. Simply learn the way he hits (hammer first, rock throwing next) and keep avoiding the rocks it throws, then jump on its hammer when it strikes and go up to hit its head.
2. Zoggot: The thing in the swamp is one of the most difficult bosses in Barbarian Onslaught: The Secret of Steel, my opinion. In order to defeat it, first destroy the tentacle behind, then the one in front of you – try to use your rage as much as possible. You will have to reach Zoggot (the head) three times to defeat it.
3. Granny Summercamp – jump a lot and try to stay near the fire to catch the purple skeletons as soon as they are out. You can hit Granny while in the air.
4. Princess Vicious – not a tough boss, simply jump over and try to attack from behind.
5. Phantom Clone – use the strong attacks and jump a lot.
6. Hedgehog from Hell – you must only attack from behind, try moving as fast as possible!
7. Last Boss – Use only strong attacks, then jump quickly above. Prepare for a looooong battle!

I hope that these basic tips and tricks for the Barbarian Onslaught: The Secret of Steel flash game will make your life a bit easier with this wonderful game!