robotsI have invited you earlier to play, if you have some spare minutes, a great flash adventure in your browser: Little Wheel. Now I have a Little Wheel walkthrough for you, even though the game is easy and you could certainly finish it by yourself. However, since you might be in a hurry I decided to create this guide and help you finish Little Wheel thanks to this walkthrough in no time! Check it out below and enjoy the great Little Wheel game!

1. Click on the binocular (number 2) and memorize the lights that are on.
2. Click on the screen then go to the terminal. Click on the white lights to turn them off, until the pattern matches the one you saw with the binoculars then click the handle.
3. Get in the elevator and click the new hot spot. Then click on the elevator three times.
4. Go to the room to the left and click the button. Turn on the three fuses then get out.
5. Go take the item to the left, in front of the face, then click the face to open the door. Get in.
6. Get in the train then click on the door to get out.
7. Go right to the fuel tank and click to get it closer. Click on the pump to refuel the train.
8. Get in the train and click the wheel on the ceiling. Click the handle.
9. Click the handle once more then get in the elevator and go up. Then press the wheels in this order: left one three times, right one three times and middle one once.
10. Go down and into the train again then click the button to go right after the train crashes.
11. Go down, click on the battery and get into the crane. Click to move forward, then click the metal arm to get the train. Move backwards and click on the hot spot to break the rocks, then get out.
12. Go right and plug the cable in. Now it gets a bit tricky: you must click the three buttons in such a manner that the black lines are all horizontally aligned. The left and middle ones move at about the same speed, so align them two at first then move to the third button and press it when the first two lines are horizontal.
13. Click the button to go down and click the button to open the door. Click on the cable of the robot then click the door again.
14. Go to the right of the screen and align the arm: click the button to the right twice, then the left one twice. Click on the plug then the button to the right twice and the button to the left once. Mission accomplished!

Did you notice any problems with this Little Wheel walkthrough? Please let me know in the comments below!