escape6Today’s free flash game of the day award was given to Kotaro’s Room Escape SIX. If you have trouble escaping the room, I have prepared a quick Room Escape SIX walkthrough to help you with the game. Check out the guide below for four out of the six possible was of escaping the room in Room Escape SIX. If you have found the other two possible ways to solve the puzzle, you can help expanding this walkthrough by posting the instructions in the comments below. Until then, here is the guide:

First of all, there are six items you must collect every time: knife, lighter and stick of wood near the fireplace; a towel and a bag of flour in a cupboard under the fish tank; a rock inside the fish tank.

Room Escape SIX walkthrough #1:

Double click on the towel, then click on the knife. Double click on the pieces of towel, then click on them in the main screen to tie them together. Double click the knife and use the rope with it. Double click the stick, then click the rope and the stick in the main screen. Go to the fireplace and click on it then give the stick with rope and knife to the snake. Click on the stick when the snake spits it out.

Room Escape SIX walkthrough #2:

Click on the towel and the fish tank to wet it. Use the wet towel with graffiti. Click on the green carpet where the arrow points at and use the knife on it. Go to the fish tank again and use the rock with it to get the fish. Go to the drainer again, use fish in the rock with it, then click the fish.

Room Escape SIX walkthrough #3:

Double click the flour bag, then click on the knife and again on the bag to open it. Click on the stick and use it with the bag until the room is completely white. Double click on the lighter, then click on it two times to light the fire. You’re… out.

Room Escape SIX walkthrough #4:

Make the rope out of the towel. Double click the rock, turn it around then click on the rope. Use that with the stick and make a hammer. Double click the lighter, then use the hammer with it. Double click the hammer, then use the knife on it a few times to disassemble the hammer. Double click the rope then the seventh hexagon to the right, to untie the knots. Double click the lighter and use the towel with it. Use the towel pieces on the painting until the bird appears. Go back to the fish tank, turn the rock around and fill it with water. Double click the flour bag and use the knife on it. Double click the rock and use the flour with it then click on it twice to get a piece of dough. Use knife on it, then use the rock with the window. Go right six times and notice the birds. Use the four pieces of bread with birds. Use the stick with the rope, then click on the birds and you’ll be out!

And that’s it, the four ways of finishing the Escape the room game Room Escape SIX. Do you have the other two solutions? Share them with our readers in the comments below for a complete walkthrough for Room Escape SIX!