It might seem strange if you haven’t completed the game yet to see me write an article on how to find all the Book of Fables in The Wolf Among us when they are all pretty obviously offered during the natural progression through the game. The truth is that not all follow the rule and the last two can only be found in two different playthroughs. And since you probably don’t want to play the game twice just to get that last Book of Fables, this guide will tell you what to do.

Basically, it’s all about creating a specific save file for the Book of Fables. At the end of the first episode, you have to make a choice and no matter what you choose, you will get a book of fables. The other choice gives you the last book.

The place where all this happens is Chapter 6: A Light Snowfall. You have two options at one point Wolf’s Rage or Wolf’s Mercy and you should choose the one that you don’t want to choose. Then simply rewind after getting the Book of Fables and make the choice you’d originally wanted to make and you will have all the Books of Fables! Pretty easy!