roomescapesixI hope you’re not starting to get bored with the Room Escape games, since that’s the genre of today’s free flash game of the day. Room Escape SIX, developed by the Japanese dev Kotaro is a pretty interesting, even though quite minimalist addition to the genre, despite a completely unoriginal name and unimpressive visuals.

The nice thing about this free to play game is that it has no less than six possible solutions, all using the same items: a knife, a towel, a lighter, flour, a stick and a rock (again, six items). If I tell you that the room itself is a hexagonal one that only exists for you to escape out of it, you’ll soon understand that Room Escape SIX deserves it’s bold characters.

Unfortunately, even though using six items to find one of the six ways of escaping the hexagonal room seems like a really easy job, it is not. You will have to press the “reset” button quite often and restart your experience since the game lets you do mistakes or whatever you think it’s the right thing to do. Usually it is not, but this just adds to the high quality of Room Escape SIX.

All in all, due to the clean graphics, quite logical puzzles and multiple ways of solving the “quest”, Room Escape SIX is a real fun game that must be played by all fans of the Escape the room genre.

UPDATE: If you’re having problems finding a solution to finish the game, I have a Room Escape SIX walkthrough just a click away!