ultimate-assassin2Last night I stumbled across a great flash game, Ultimate Assassin 2, and couldn’t stop until I finished it. Now I’m going to share with you some basic Ultimate Assassin 2 tips and tricks to make your life a bit easier while playing. Initially I wanted to write a walkthrough, but that is hard since usually the guards’ movement is random. However, I am sure that this short strategy guide will help you enjoy Ultimate Assassin 2 and finish the game!

Ultimate Assassin 2 tips:

1. Be patient! Every assassin should know that, especially a virtual one. Patience is a virtue and it will help you finish the game: relax, be patient, observe and plan your moves!
2. Use the environment! This is obvious: you have to take advantage of all the things in Ultimate Assassin 2 in order to hide from guards and safely reach your target.
3. Hide a lot! It might not be the bravest things to do, but it’s safe. Find the hiding spots in each level and use them a lot. You can also use the invisibility if guards come to close!
4. However, use invisibility and other powers wisely. Don’t rush to use all your speed or invisibility, first plan your moves carefully.
5. Use diversions. This is really useful when the bodyguards stay with your target: let them see you then use the speed to reach your target which will be left alone on another path.