Mojang have announced that Scrolls, a game first announced back in 2011, will be available to the public on June 3rd. It’s worth noting that this date only marks the transition from closed to open beta, and so it won’t be the full version as such. Instead it seems the company will be using the model that worked so well for Minecraft, with players able to buy a copy of the game when it’s in beta.

In celebration of the announcement, Mojang have also released a trailer for the game, detailing some of the gameplay.

As was stated in the original 2011 announcement, Scrolls is going to be a game based off trading cards, and some of that gameplay can be seen in the trailer. Players have to push from one side of the small hex map to the other, summoning monsters from the titular scrolls and destroying their enemy’s idols.

Winning battles nets the player gold, which they can use to purchase more cards from the shop. It’s much more competitive than Minecraft, with players able to engage in ranked matches.

Also unlike Minecraft, Scrolls will feature micro transactions in the form of Shards. These can be used to purchase a selection of in game items. Mojang seem to be aware of the issues that micro transactions can create in a multiplayer game though, as they’ve limited how much can be purchased. How well that works out in the long run remains to be seen.

For those interested, Scrolls will launch its open beta phase at $20.