re5Featured as one of the hottest games of the year ahead for PS3 consoles (and don’t worry, I know from solid sources that it will also appear on the Xbox 360 list), Resident Evil 5 (via Capcom) also gives fans all over the world two huge reasons to be excited: first, a demo of the game has just been released and Xbox Live users can grab it right away; and second, because Resident Evil 5 for PC is coming later this year. Incredible, right?

First thins first: The RE5 demo is available on Xbox 360 one week prior to the PSN version and this will certainly annoy the most hardcore PS3 fanboys. However, they’re going to get the same thing, too: “Play by yourself or play with a partner in co-op mode, either online or offline with a split screen,” says the official announcement and I’m sure you can hardly wait to do so!

But don’t just leave right now since another big announcement regarding Resident Evil’s future has been made by CD Projekt (devs of The Witcher): “We know for sure that PC version RE5 will be released. We don’t know when exactly but we expect that it will arrive to shops in second half 2009,” said CD Projeckt’s Jerzy Cichocki according to Blue’s News. Even though it was a public announcement, we should still consider this as a rumor right now, but I’m sure I’m not the only one wishing that actually Resident Evil 5 for PC is a reality…


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