They keep telling us that console exclusives are a dying species, but that’s not the point when it comes to solid video games, like the highly appreciated BioShock which was only recently released for PlayStation 3. And, in order to make it a bit more appealing for the fans (who probably played the game already), 2K Games decided to offer some exclusive downloadable content.

We’re talking about three unique Challenge Rooms that are not part of the main storyline, but you won’t have any reasons to complain: they bring new locations, objectives, artwork and new Trophies as well! The tree rooms are: “A Shocking Turn of Events” where a Little Sister is trapped and you have to create electricity using only your wits and save her. “The I in Team” gives you limited resources to defeat a Big Daddy and “Worlds of Hurt” comes with the most grueling challenge in the world of Rapture: battle through eight rooms of Big Daddies, Splicers and more and eventually rescue the Little Sister.

This exclusive PlayStation 3 downloadable content for Bioshock will be available for $9.99 on November 20. And it probably is a strong enough reason to convince some people who already own the game to invest again in it. That’s what an almost perfect title makes you do…


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