From a financial point of view, things are not looking very well for THQ either since the company shut down several of its game development studios – just a couple of days before releasing their quarterly financial reports. At the moment, there is not sufficient data to estimate the number of people who got fired, but we’re talking about several studios, so things don’t look too great…

According to Gamasutra who has the inside scoop, the biggest studio that was closed is Paradigm which only released Stuntman: Ignition since it was purchased from Atari by THQ.

Other studios were closed, including Helixe, Locomotive, Sandblast Games and Mass Media – with the latter having no announced title in the works. Also, the reports claim that developers of the Juice racing series Juice Games is seeing notable cuts in personnel, but the studio will continue to operate for now.

THQ did not confirm the news, stating that “right now that’s a rumor”. We’ll surely see for ourselves during the next couple of days, after the company releases the financial reports.

Update: Gamesindustry reports that they have confirmation from THQ that 30 people were fired from Juice Games following the cancellation of an unannounced (probably racing) title. However, 60 employees remain with the company and, as reported, Juice Games will not be closed.