Electronic Arts is trying to offer fans of the collectible card games a solid title with BattleForge and, in order to make sure everything is as it should be, the company decided to kick of an open beta stage. So, if you want to start collecting your favorite cards already and experience magically-charged battles, you should know that the BattleForge beta kicks off on November 7.

”After three years in development, we are very excited to open the game to a mass audience and see how people play. It’s going to be a great process watching players experience the revolutionary concept of creating their own armies and teaming up on a massive scale in RTS,” said Volker Wertich, Creative Director of the game.

In BattleForge, players use virtual trading cards to build the perfect army and lay waste to their foes. The cards are the tools of war each representing a unit, building or spell that is conjured directly onto the RTS battlefield. They enable you to customise and combine factions, and play with a unique army of your own design. With no base building and production queues BattleForge players are instantly immersed into fast-paced RTS action. The game offers both single player, as well as multiplayer game modes like co-op and PvP.