Fans should agree with me on this one: JoWood proved to be able to bring us some of the best role playing games and I, for one, hope that they won’t stop. For the moment though we should put our desire for original IPs from JoWood on hold and say “Thanks” for the upcoming collection to be released by the company. Simply named RPG collection, it will feature Gothic 3, Spellforce 2 and Dungeon Lords.

The main advantage of this three-in-on pack is the price: just €29.99 (about $40) for three really great role playing games. And, having in mind that it will be released by the end of November, we can say that it has a great timing with the Holiday season.

Gothic 3, the latest in the franchise lets you decide Myrtana’s destiny, by fighting alongside with or against the Orcs in a game that stays true to the Gothic series (bugs included, unfortunately). Spellforce 2 puts you in the shoes of Avatar and pits you against a sinister new enemy you will certainly defeat thanks to a host of new improvements over the original title. Dungeon Lords is the youngest and probably least popular game offered in this collection: a mix of role playing with fast paced fighting elements, enough to remind you how cool the other two games really are.