If everybody is talking nowadays about the elections to be held in the United States, why not sing with the presidents asked Harmonix and offered the answer, at the same time, via DLC. No, unfortunately you won’t get the chance to sing along Obama or McCain, not even Bush or Clinton. Instead, you’ll be able to rock your neighbors up with some hot tunes from band The Presidents of the United States of America.

Dune Buggy, Feather Pluckn’ and Ladybug join the already released Lump for some real alternative rock music exactly on Election Day (November 4) for 440 MS Points ($5.49 on PSN) or 160 MS Points ($1.99 on PSN) for each track.

Additionally, Fall Out Boy offers up its new single “I Don’t Care,” for the Rock Band Music Store. The band’s first single “Dead On Arrival” was featured on the original Rock Band soundtrack and “This Ain’t A Scene, It’s An Arms Race” was released as downloadable content in May, which means that Fall Out Boy really loves the game.

Rock band Hinder will join the setlist, too with the release of single “Use Me”, featured on their latest album as well. Both the Fall Out Boy and the Hinder tracks are available for a promotional price of $.99 on PSN (80 MS Points) until the 2nd of December. Rock on with Rock Band 2!