We finally managed to get Fallout 3 here in the Unigamesity headquarters and I must admit that we were all hoping for the best while we were installing the game, since there are so many people having problems with it. Fortunately, just to set things straight, I had absolutely no problems during my first session (60-90 minutes). We were lucky and even if we weren’t, we still had our little Fallout 3 crash fix ready.

Anyway, back to the first 60 minutes spent with Fallout 3: they were quite a joy and I’ll start playing a lot more tonight! That’s how it all started:

First minute: The intro movie kicks off. Great atmosphere, the entire intro movie stays faithful to the Fallout series. Absolutely awesome!

8th minute: OK, so it’s all a big “wow” right now: I just got born, I chose my name, how I will look like when I grow older… it’s awesome. Oh, no! My in-game mother just died and there goes the bright light again.

22nd minute: I really loved the tutorial. Of course, it has no “skip” option which could make it a pain if you want to restart the game, but it really was well done – like the GTA tutorials, let’s say, when you still have the impression that you’re playing the story and not a tutorial. Until now, it seems kind of linear and scripted, but it’s a tutorial, after all. Lots of choices to be made, very cool!

28th minute: Damned test! For my personality, they say, so I stay focused and do my best to answer the questions exactly as I feel I should, just to be told that I’m going to become a tattoo artist. Heh! And then they allow me customize the character. It seems like Bethesda didn’t really know how far to go with it. I would’ve preferred if they would’ve sticked to the plan and not allow you further changes.

33rd minute: This girl Amata is really cool. I wish she would’ve jumped in my bed instead of delivering the bad news. I have a bad feeling about her… I’ll let her keep the gun, though…

40th minute: Damned gun, stupid decision! Now I’m trying to kill soldiers with my toy-gun! It’s not an easy job, let me tell you that! But at least the combat system looks incredibly well done, it’s like watching a cinema movie. I wonder how long can the sequences get when you improve your stats…

54th minute: I ran out of bullets and kind of got bored of the VATS combat system. It kind of fails in close range fighting against bugs and it misses every now and then during shooting sequences. It’s also kind of slow and you waste lots of time.

59th minute: It appears that Amata killed somebody, yet she does not want to come with me. I don’t know what happened, I just sneaked by the room and got some more goodies. I also hacked a computer and I am about to get out. There’s a huge universe waiting for me there and I can’t wait to explore it.

To be honest, when I first heard I’ll have to test Fallout 3 I was disappointed: I don’t like getting my brains blown away by bugs and all sorts of errors… fortunately, as I said in the beginning, there were absolutely no problems with the game during the first hour. Of course, one hour might not mean much (gameplay-wise it only means you’ve passed the tutorial) but at least I’m more confident now that me and Fallout 3 will make a great team. As expected, Bethesda appears to have done a great job and I’m ready to dissect it. So check back soon enough for our full Fallout 3 review!