spidermanVariety is reporting that Radical Entertainment, the developers of the very promising Prototype, will be taking on the development of the next Spider-Man game, production starting in June after Prototype is released. No official confirmation has been made by Radical, Vivendi or Mr Smith, my next door neighbor who talks with aliens.

However, back to the more important things, it would kind of make sense to hear that Radical are developing a new Spider-Man title, having in mind that they love superheroes in the first place (Prototype and Hulk: Ultimate Destruction not only feature superheroes, but also an open world type of game) and they do their job flawlessly.

The rumors get even more interesting since the report says that High Moon, Radical’s brothers at Vivendi, are already working on the next Transformers game that is set for a 2010 release. Lots of rumors though and no concrete details right now, but these are certainly things to consider and rumors that make sense. We’re waiting to hear more soon.