If you are interested in Xbox 360 achievements and you own a console made by Microsoft, you probably know the rule: every game can have at most 1,000 achievement points, with extra 250 added via DLC, but no more than 80 total Achievements, right? Well, apparently that is way too 2009, reports (or, better said, rumors) say.

The thing is that top games like Halo 3, Fallout 3, The Orange Box and Fable II have all broken the aforementioned the rules. However, apparently, we’re not talking about exceptions made for cool games (even though that would kind of make sense and fit Microsoft’s way of dealing with things), but rather a change of the rules.

The folks over at Xbox360Achievements quote a “very credible source” that told them a few things about the new achievements rule: the maximum Achievement points allowed for a game is 1,750 and not 1,250 (that includes DLC), but every game can’t add more than 250 new points and 10 Achievements through DLC every yearly quarter. The rule however is cumulative, meaning that a developer could release a 1,000 Achievement game, not release any content (or at least no more achievements) for the next three quarters, then release a huge DLC with 750 achievement points.

An information that makes me wish to go to sleep, but one that I’m sure is precious for all the achievement hunters out there (and devs that didn’t release any DLC for a long time…)